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I invite you to review the following list of readings,
prayers, essays and articles for your meditation
and enlightenment.

  • Inner Detachment. (Jan, 2004).  From the booklet Meister Eckhart spricht (Munich, 1925).  "If God is to enter into you, then human or animal nature must go out of you. Where this nature ends, God begins.  God does not desire more of you than that you should go out from yourself, insofar as you are burdened with your nature, and let God be God in you. The slightest image you have of yourself is as big as God; it holds you away from your whole God. To the extent that such an image enters you, God must yield, and to the extent that this image goes out, God enters in...."

  • Prayer for Inner Peace and Transformation. (Jan, 2004).

  • Contemporary Insights.  Read an excerpt from Diarmuid O'Murchu's book, Reclaiming Spirituality, for his insights regarding the revival of the practice of meditation.

  • Reflections on Centering Prayer.  Some of my favorite readings from St. Teresa of Avila.

  • Monastic Insights.    See how perseverance and attentiveness characterize the Benedictine prayer as viewed by High Feiss, O.S.B. in his book Essential Monastic Wisdom.

  • On the Road to Meet the Risen Lord.   During his life, Swami Abhishiktanandaji, did much to call us back to a contemplative experience of God.

  • The True Secret of Prayer.  A short, but powerful reflection.

  • Treasure.  Some further insights about life's ups and downs from St. Teresa of Avila along with an amusing rendition that one can only find on the internet.

  • Guard of the Heart.  Another methodology or practice to bring the effects of contemplative prayer into daily life -- excerpts taken from Thomas Keating's book, Invitation To Love.

  • The Power of Prayer.  Some reflections during dangerous times.


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