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The True Secret of the Life of Prayer

The true secret of the life of prayer -- and this means the whole life of anyone who is born of God -- is to put oneself completely at the disposal of the Spirit. Too often man has wrongly tried to put limits to God, to confine Him within the boundaries of his thoughts and his reason, both in man's inner dimension and in his external expression. But for all that the impact of Christ's message is shattering, both to the world and to its 'wisdom'. Thank God there are many signs now, and Fr. Borst's publications bear witness to this, that with the spreading of secularism, there is also a renewal of the Spirit's awareness within the Church, and even outside it under different names. And here lies the greatest hope for modern man who so often feels, dissatisfied with many things, secular and religious, which come to him through present structures.

The only preparation for the coming of the Spirit, or in other words, for man's awakening to Him, is to empty the mind from all preconceptions, man [made] decisions, reason-based desires. The Spirit is there waiting for the lid to be removed. Let our real desire be so strong that the lid burst open spontaneously, and the Spirit obtain in us his full freedom.

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