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Power of Prayer

 Dear Friends,

With threats of suicide bombers warnings of new terrorist attacks, and reports of extremists having infiltrated the United States in the last few weeks, it is time for those of us who believe in miracles, to ardently begin working.

None of us need think, "There is nothing I can do." While military and economic and political forces have worldly power, they do not work miracles...And we can.

Prayer is a conduit of miracles. The first thing, the most powerful thing, the most miraculous thing we can do, is pray. At noon each day, wherever we are, let us stop for a minimum of five minutes, close our eyes and say a prayer for our country and our world. Know that as you do so, there are probably thousands of other people in your time zone doing exactly the same thing, thus increasing the vibratory power of the prayer field. Ideas become stronger when they are shared. Do what you can to let others know about the noontime prayer vigil, both here and abroad. We can create a blanket of prayer that comes over the world in synchronized waves. Begin today. Let us surround the entire planet with a field of light, and place protection over our nation. Impress it upon your subconscious then it becomes an active, creative force for good. A minimum of a full five minutes is necessary to achieve highest creative potential as a medium of intercessionary power. If you can only give less, it is fine; give more, it is much better. This is not a time for second-rate spiritual practice, unless second-rate results are what we want.

God - Bless and protect us in this dangerous hour. Forgive us how often our hearts have been closed when danger was visiting others. May the eyes of our enemies be open, that they might see the Light in us. And may we see the Light in them, that darkness shall be no more. Surround us all with Love, so hatred will dissolve. Amen.

--Marianne Williamson

Affirmation: we are a powerful presence for peace and love on this planet. Blessings!


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