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Item-106:  Centering Prayer & World Transformation, Kess Frey (2-disc DVD Set)

Length:  166 mins.



Drawing from ideas in his writings, Kess talks about centering prayer and world transformation. This involves the creation and transformation of our separate individual worlds as we grow from the consciousness of the human condition and our false self into that of our true Self or life in Christ. We tend to see the world through the eyes of our desires and issues, our assumptions and conditioning.  As the unconscious roots of these perspectives are changed by the divine action working in us, the individual world of our conscious experience in daily life also changes.

World transformation in this context also involves the evolution of a non-dual, unified planetary consciousness, such as that suggested by the French Jesuit priest, theologian and scientist, Pierre Tielhard de Chardin.  Kess discusses our spiritual journey and how Centering Prayer facilitates this.

Kess' remarks were recorded during a conference on March 7, 2015 at St Joseph Catholic Church, Richardson, Texas.

Kess Frey, born in 1945, grew up in Eagle Rock, California (North Los Angeles).  He graduated in Psychology at the University of California, Irvine, and has studied Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology, and religion since 1965.  He met Thomas Keating in 1989 and has been involved ever since with Centering Prayer.  Kess lives in Anchorage, Alaska, where he offers introductory Centering Prayer workshops, facilitates prayer groups and retreats, and is active in prison ministry.

Kess has written several recent books including:

  • Human Ground, Spiritual Ground: Paradise Lost and Found: A Reflection on Centering Prayer's Conceptual Background, (September, 2012).

  • Centering Prayer and Rebirth in Christ on the Tree of Life: The Process of Inner Transformation, (June, 2013).

  • The One Who Loves Us: Centering Prayer and Evolving Consciousness, (July, 2014).


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