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Payment to Chapter

Use this web page to send a payment to the DFW Chapter of Contemplative Outreach using PayPal, our secure payment processing service provider, .

Here are some reasons you may want to use this Payment to Chapter web page.  You may have purchased a book or DVD at a chapter conference or retreat and was not able to pay for your purchase at that time.  Or you may owe a registration fee for a retreat or other event.

Simply click on the Pay Now button below to enter the dollar amount and your credit card information.  And don't forget to state the reason for your payment so we can properly credit your account.

Thank you,
Chapter Office

Additional help with "Pay Now" process


If you have problems with PayPal, our credit card processing service provider, contact the chapter office immediately at 972-722-6029.


Make a payment to the chapter

Please read instructions below before you select the "Pay Now" button

  • In the text box below, enter the reason for your payment.

Enter Reason for Payment
  • After you click the "Pay Now" button, the first PayPal screen you will see is the "Purchase details" screen.

  • You will enter your payment amount in the "Price per Item" box.

  • Click the "Continue" button to move to the payment method screen.

  • Now you may click the above "Pay Now" button to start the payment process!


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