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View list of Contemplative Outreach chapters across the United States and Canada.

View video recordings featuring Fr. Thomas Keating speaking on various topics.

Listen to Sandy's Radio Interview.  On August 4, 2014, Sandy appeared on the "Good News" radio program in Dallas (KATH 910 AM) hosted by Stacie Blazek.  Sandy was asked to comment on several topics and questions.  Stacie asked Sandy to talk about the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of Contemplative Outreach and how it got started; how does traditional prayer compare to centering prayer; and is it difficult for some people to practice silent meditation like centering prayer.  You will find Sandy's interview both insightful and entertaining.  Click the play button on the audio player below to listen to the interview (about 20 minutes in length).

Visit Father William Meninger's web site to learn about the Trappist Monastery, St. Benedicts, in Snowmass, Colorado.  You will discover some of his recent books and writings as well as those of fellow Trappist, Fr Thomas Keating.  Fr Meninger has been at St Benedicts since 1979, but in 2020 has moved back to St Josephs Abbey in Spencer, Mass (where he was the former retreat master there).  His book, The Loving Search For God is an effort to bring the message of The Cloud of Unknowing to men and women of the 21st Century.  Visit YouTube to view many teaching videos, conferences and interviews with Fr William.

Shalem Institute (Bethesda, MD) is an ecumenical Christian community dedicated to the support of contemplative living and leadership.  Its mission is to be an ecumenical community responding to a call to help mediate Godís Spirit in the world through the loving wisdom of contemplative tradition.  Although Shalem is grounded in the Christian contemplative path, it is enriched by the grace present in other traditions. Shalem welcomes anyone, regardless of tradition, who would seek to learn from the contemplative way.  They offer contemplative prayer groups, retreats and workshops as well as programs for spiritual directors.

What Does "Contemplative" Mean?  The word contemplative has many meanings today.  It comes from the Latin roots cum (with) and templum (temple), connoting a sense of the sacred.  Stated simply, the classical tradition understands contemplation as a loving quality of presence in which one is open to things just as they are in the present moment.

In Christianity and other traditions that understand God to be present everywhere, contemplation includes a reverence for the Divine Mystery, "finding God in all things," or "being open to God's presence, however it may appear."  When referring to prayer or other spiritual practices, contemplation is classically distinguished from meditation.

Generally this means that meditation seems like something we "do" by means of our own effort and intention, while contemplation always seems to come as a gift.  Further, the reverence for mystery implies an openness to unknowing, a willingness to be led and guided by God without having to comprehend what is happening.

Love in Action Int'l is a group of individuals who strive to fill the gap between resource and need.  Visit this Dallas organization web site to see what they have accomplished for those in need.  Rae England is the director and co-founder.

Classic Christian Ethereal Library web site contains online the complete text of many classic Christian books.  According to the web site, all of the books on their server are in the public domain.  You may read the books online or download them to your computer.  Great site, take a look!

Contemplative Outreach Ltd.  The homepage for the Contemplative Outreach organization which supports and promotes centering prayer groups throughout the world. 

The Maria Kannon Zen Center was formed in 1991 as a place for people of various backgrounds and faiths to practice Zen. The members are bound together by a common commitment to cultivate wisdom and compassion. The center's primary task is to offer people an opportunity to practice Zen.

University of Dallas is a Catholic liberal arts university located in Dallas, Texas.

Bede Griffiths.  An interesting site about a monk who lived in a way least thought of by others and, with a universal heart, was an icon of integrity and guilelessness.

The Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health located in San Antonio, Texas offers faith-based, non-sectarian counseling for individuals & families, education for religion & health professionals, seminars and conferences.  Telephone (210) 616-0885.

The Vatican City web site is rich with information from its' historical archives to the artwork to the current events.

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