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Lectio Divina Reading

July 27, 2006

Psalm 144, "Prayer for Victory and Prosperity"

1.  Blessed be you O God, my rock,
who trains my hands for battle,
my arms for struggle;
my Refuge and my Fortress,
my stronghold, my Deliverer,
my Shield in whom I trust.

2.  God, what are we, that you care for us
or even take thought of us?
We are like a breath, our days, like a passing shadow.
Part your heavens, O God, and come down;
touch the mountains and they shall smoke.

1.  Yahweh, you are just in all your ways
and loving in all your works.
You are near to all who call upon you,
to all who call upon you sincerely.

2.  You fulfill the desire of those who fear you,
you hear their cry and save them.
You watch over all who love you,
but all the wicked you will destroy.

1.  May my mouth speak your praise, Yahweh,
and may all creatures bless your holy name forever and ever.

(recite psalm, alternating between two groups)


I am poised, strengthened, and at peace.


There is a common expression that experience is the best teacher. I see the experiences of my past as resources that will help me make wise choices in the future. Even an experience that I consider a mistake shows me what not to do . Seeming mistakes help me learn to trust my resilience and they contribute to my wisdom.


Devoting time to meditation, prayer, and contemplation, I make choices from an inner place of wisdom and peace. These are spiritual experiences that help me obtain a deep awareness of God that cannot be undone by any outer condition. In conscious communion with God, I understand my relationship with God and my relationships with the people in my life.

“Talk no more so very proudly…for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.”

1 Samuel 2:3

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