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Lectio Divina Reading

December 7, 2003


Psalm 9

Lectio Divina Reading

Wisdom 8:2-8.  Solomonís love for Wisdom

Wisdom I loved and searched for from my youth;

I resolved to have her as my bride,

I fell in love with her beauty.

She enhances her noble birth by sharing Godís life,"

for the Master of All has always loved her.

Indeed, she shares the secrets of Godís knowledge,

and she chooses what he will do,

If in this life wealth is a desirable possession,

what is more wealthy than Wisdom whose work is everywhere?

Or if it be the intellect that is at work,

who, more than she, designs whatever exists?

Or if it be uprightness you love,

why, virtues are the fruit of her labours,

since it is she who teaches temperance and prudence,

justice and fortitude;

nothing in life is more useful for human beings.

Or if you are eager for wide experience,

she knows the past, she forecasts the future;

she knows how to turn maxims, and solve riddles;

she has foreknowledge of signs and wonders,

and of the unfolding of the ages and the times.



Delight of my Heart,

I grow ever more grateful

as I pause to look over my shoulder,

reflecting on days gone by,

seeing how your counsel never leaves me.

Perhaps it is the terribly clean dawn

sweeping over the January land

that gifts my heart with a strong sense

of hope, of promise, of blessing.

Somewhere far down inside

I feel cherished and welcomed by you.

I believe you are drawing me ever closer,

with the whisper of "come" in the air.

Eternal presence, all afire in me,

you breathe upon my embers, they glow.

Your ever-reaching love holds me

as I learn again to not be afraid.

Just as the light has given me morning,

so you, Holy One, have given me hope.

Praise to you for drawing me forward,

encouraging me to bid farewell to the past.

Continue to blow on the embers.

Light the fire again and again.

Flame it bright and full.

Gift me with surrender in love

so that I can be more fully yours.

Wisdom rescued from troubles those who served her."  Wisdom 10:9


Where do you find hope in your life?

Is there any area of your life that seems hopeless and needs to be rekindled into a burning flame?

"Hope" & Journaling taken from Prayers to Sophia, Joyce Rupp

Suggestions for Lectio Divina: Pr.1-6; Si 39:2-3, Si 47:15-17

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