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Video Recordings

List of Video Recordings

1- Introduction to Centering Prayer by Thomas Keating
2- Thoughts & Centering Prayer by Thomas Keating
3- Centering Prayer -- a Brief Summary by Fr Jim Martin
4- Oneness & the Heart of the World by Thomas Keating
5- Reflections on the Contemplative Dimension by Thomas Keating
6- Transformation by Thomas Keating
7- You and the Other (with a capital O) by Thomas Keating
8- What is the Good of the Church? with Thomas Keating & Br David Steindl-Rast
9- Thomas Keating Discusses the Value of Contemplation with Shaikir Helminski
10- The Spirit of Interreligious Dialogue by Thomas Keating
11- What is Contemplative Outreach?


1.  Introduction to Centering Prayer

A brief introduction by the founder, Fr. Thomas Keating. This edited, brief "How To" is designed to encourage further exploration of the ancient mystical prayer practice that can lead to Contemplation.

2.  Thoughts & Centering Prayer

Fr. Thomas Keating explaining the useful role of "thoughts" and how to deal with them while praying or meditating - and the use of your "Sacred Word".

3.  Centering Prayer -- a Brief Summary

Fr. Jim Martin, author of My Life with the Saints, introduces centering prayer. This is part of a series on prayer that also includes segments on Ignatian contemplation and centering prayer.

4.  Oneness & the Heart of the World

In this talk, Father Keating discusses the dynamic nature of God and the paradox implicit in experiencing divine oneness. With humor and wisdom, he explores the practice of contemplative prayer, and how we might begin to approach God through being present to our senses.

5.  Reflections on the Contemplative Dimension

Fr. Thomas Keating welcomes attendees at the 2010 Annual Conference of Contemplative Outreach, "Awakening to the Contemplative Dimension of Life" and offers his reflections on the conference theme.

6.  Transformation

Good News and Bad News from the World's Largest Religion.  Thomas Keating is Interviewed by Ken Wilber.

It takes a moment to reconcile oneself to the fact that the religious tradition of St. Francis and Mother Theresa is also the tradition of the Crusades and the Inquisition.  Fr. Thomas Keating, considered one of the great contemplatives of our time, has spent a lifetime in the practice of Christianity, seeking and sharing its depths. The goal of the tradition, suggests Fr. Thomas, is transformation—but transformation into what?

7.  You and the Other (with a capital O)

Father Thomas Keating spent twenty years as the abbot of St. Joseph's Abbey, a Trappist monastery in Spencer, Massachusetts, and is now the leading figure in an interdenominational movement to revitalize the Christian contemplative practice known as "centering prayer." He is the cofounder of Contemplative Outreach, an organization devoted to introducing Christian contemplative practices to laypeople of all faiths, and the author of many books.

He has met and studied with spiritual teachers from a variety of Hindu and Buddhist lineages and helped to create the Snowmass Interreligious Conference, at which teachers from different traditions meet regularly to compare views and ideas, and to evaluate objectively the benefits and drawbacks of their respective practices.

8.  What Good is the Church?

Two of the world's most cherished Christian teachers discuss the role and relevance of the Church in the modern world, and how it was originally created in order to preserve the teachings of Christ -- with the singular purpose of helping to bring people into the exact same relationship with God that Christ himself had, leading humanity into a space that is truly both "fully human and fully divine."

While much of this teaching has been lost in the fog of religious fundamentalism over the centuries, the spirit of this core intention continues to thrive in such beautiful souls as Father Thomas and Brother David, both of whom bring extraordinary humor, grace, and love to a very difficult (and controversial) topic.

9.  Father Thomas Keating and Shaikh Kabir Helminski at Spiritual Paths

Father Thomas, helped launch the Spiritual Paths Foundation, explains the value of contemplation for leading an active life and creating positive change in the world.

10.  Fr. Thomas Keating on the Spirit of Interreligious Dialogue

Fr. Thomas Keating speaks on the Spirit of Interreligious Dialogue from Snowmass, Colorado. Visit www.contemplativeoutreach.org for more information on Contemplative Outreach and Centering Prayer.

11.  What is Contemplative Outreach -- Reaching Out to the World

How can we grow in our spiritual lives?  A short explanation of centering prayer is provided by Fr. Thomas Keating and others.  The services of Contemplative Outreach, which promotes this method of contemplation around the world, are also shown.

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