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Contemplative Outreach Fundraiser Photo's
October 16 & 17, 2004

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Group photo at Leadership Meeting at St Albert Priory.

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Fr Keating and Marie meet with dinner party guests.

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Sandy introduces Fr Keating & Marie to talk about Contemplative Outreach.

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Ed, Sandy & Fr Thomas ham it up.

139-3964a_IMG.jpg (62884 bytes)

Sandy gives the welcoming at the Fundraiser held at St Joseph Church in Richardson.

139-3966a_IMG.jpg (54511 bytes)

Marie Howard tells us about the needs of Contemplative Outreach.

139-3967a_IMG.jpg (59294 bytes)

Fr Thomas gives the keynote address on Sunday.

139-3969a_IMG.jpg (63926 bytes)

People mingle at the reception following the Sunday fundraiser.

139-3976a_IMG.jpg (58566 bytes)

Fr Thomas' books are purchased at the popular book sale table.

139-3978a_IMG.jpg (53985 bytes)

Guests wait in the reception line to spend a few minutes with Fr Thomas and have him sign books.

139-3985a_IMG.jpg (55742 bytes)

Jonnita, Ruth S. and Ruth A. savor the refreshments at the reception.

139-3992a_IMG.jpg (56286 bytes)

Fr Thomas enjoys meeting with guests Dorothy & Walter.


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