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book coverPsalms for Praying
by Nan C. Merrill

Every commentary on the Book of Psalms has had to face the issue that many of these prayers celebrate wrath and vengeance. Merrill has re-examined the Psalms and transformed them into a work of piety and art. Taking each psalm in turn, she brings a vivid brilliance to some of the world's greatest prayers.

From Library Journal.  Merrill, the editor of Friends of Silence newsletter, has led retreats, worked with inner-city parishes, and been involved with prison ministry for many years. She has reworked the Book of Psalms in a loving, contemplative manner, which betrays none of the book's original vigor or essence. Rather, in a mode that is fresh and eloquent, Merrill's psalms evoke that deep sense of reverence and soul-stirring dialog with the divine that is often eclipsed by the fear of divine wrath in the original. Merrill has carefully crafted these verses to rekindle for contemporary readers the timeless mystery of divine love, using language that is not constrained by gender or judgment. Highly recommended for all libraries.

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