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Welcome to the DFW Chapter of Contemplative Outreach serving the greater Dallas & Fort Worth area.  Many people in today's world practice different forms of meditation faithfully.  They experience its transforming power and value the benefits of resting in silence, a silence too deep for words (insights on scriptural prayer).  Small faith communities are powerful places to foster the practice of these forms of prayer as they radiate Love and positive energy.  Contemplative Outreach is a spiritual network designed to nurture the practice of Centering Prayer and to help build and facilitate prayer groups .  We also practice and teach Lectio Divina, the slow meditative reading of the Scriptures.

It is my hope, that this web site will provide information, ideas, insights and ways of building a spiritual network for you -- for your support on the Spiritual Journey.

Sandy Guancial, Chapter Coordinator

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Online Store

Kess Frey's World Transformation workshop video and Fr William Meninger's Julian of Norwich video are now available for purchase.  Visit the online Store to view the video selections.  You can also preview some of the conference videos before you make a purchase.  We have added the convenience of paying for your purchase by either a credit card or debit card.

Event Planning Team

The chapter's new service team, Event Planning Team , is always looking for suggestions for new conferences or workshop topics, speakers and retreat leaders.  Send your suggestions to us -- we welcome your input.  Please limit suggestions to the general subject of contemplative spirituality and meditation.

Introductory Centering Prayer Workshop Service Team

If your group, organization or church is interested in hosting a one-day Introductory Centering Prayer Workshop, please contact the Workshop Planning Team who will work with you to plan & schedule the workshop.

Prison Outreach Program

The prison outreach program supported by our local chapter is undergoing some changes.  Look for an update in the near future.

Keating Videos

View video recordings of Fr Thomas Keating speaking on various topics from the centering prayer method to the value of contemplation to inter-religious dialogue.

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Add your name to the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter Mailing List to obtain our monthly e-newsletter with timely information about workshops, retreats and newly formed centering prayer groups in the DFW metropolitan area.

Navigating the DFW Chapter Website


Contemplative Prayer Groups.   You are invited  to join one of the many Dallas/Fort Worth area Centering Prayer Groups.  Most groups meet weekly.  The prayer gatherings are open to all who are striving to embrace a daily practice of Silent Prayer and Lectio Divina using the methodology developed by Fr Thomas Keating and others.


Event Calendar:  Workshops, Retreats and Special Events are scheduled throughout the year.

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See photographs from previous events


Follow the Reflections link for some interesting readings and prayers that you may find useful for your meditation. Instructional information on Centering Prayer is included as well.

See the list of weekly scripture readings to help with your practice of Lectio Divina.


The Centering Prayer Method is briefly explained in the words of Fr Thomas Keating.  


Reading List A list of recommended books has been compiled that you can find on the Book Page.  Many of the books are authored by Father Keating himself.  Other well known authors, who write on Centering Prayer and contemplative spirituality, are represented in the list. Each book title has a short review or summary provided by the book publisher that you may find helpful.


Go to the Links page for some interesting and informative web sites on spirituality.  Includes links to many Thomas Keating videos.       


Contemplative Outreach.  Learn about Contemplative Outreach and how the local and international organizations can provide resources and support to those who practice centering prayer.

Do you wish to learn about Contemplative Prayer?

Schedule a one hour presentation to introduce Contemplative Prayer and the method of Centering Prayer to your group or organization.  For a more in-depth presentation,  a one-day "Introductory Workshop to Centering Prayer" can also be arranged with trained presenters.

To make arrangements, contact Sandy via Email or
call at 1-972-722-6029.

You can also reach Sandy via regular mail at

Sandy Guancial
Contemplative Outreach
P.O. Box 752
Rockwall, Texas  75087

Sandy is the coordinator for the DFW Chapter of Contemplative Outreach.  To learn more about her background, click Biography.

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